Terms of subscription

Each subscription is billed annually. Each subscription can be upgraded or downgraded at any time. Subscription pricing is pro-rated, down to the second, so you will be credited or charged for the new plan accordingly. If downgrading to a lower-cost plan results in a positive credit to the customer, that credit is applied to the customer’s account and will be applied to any future invoices.

Failed Payment

If a payment fails, the customer will receive notification of the failure either by email or alert when they log into the Safe Response website. At that point, the customer will need to update their payment information and pay any outstanding charges in order to restore access to the Safe Response platform.


Customers may cancel their subscription at any time. Cancellations are NOT pro-rated. Cancelled accounts will continue to have access to their subscription through the existing billing period, at which point their subscription will not renew. To cancel a subscription, a customer can log into their account, click the “Subscriptions” button in the top right corner, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Cancel Subscription”.


We provide a free course preview of several courses to ensure all our customers are satisfied before subscribing to our courses. Each customer is notified 30 days before their subscription renews, so they can log into their account and cancel their subscription if necessary. Since customers have full-control of charges, we do not provide refunds of any kind.

User Accounts

Each user account is composed of a unique email address and password. Safe Response requires each individual to register for the website with their own unique email address and password. User accounts may not be shared among individuals. Any suspected misuse may result in suspension or ban, without refund.