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Hazardous Materials Response - Awareness Level

Participants will learn how to recognize a hazardous material release and the risks involved. They will also learn how to identify the released material, how...

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Incident Command System - Awareness Level

As a result of completing this course, participants will be able to implement an Incident Command System during the initial stages of an emergency. Although ...

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Emergency Response Team Coordinator

This program is designed to provide Emergency Response Team Coordinators with the knowledge required to ensure their ERT is capable of responding to emergenc...

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Machinery Rescue Awareness

Participants will learn how to respond at the Awareness Level for incidents involving personnel who have become trapped, entangled or pinned in various types...

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Incipient Fire Fighting: Awareness Level

Participants will obtain the knowledge required to fight incipient fires or fires in the beginning stages.

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Emergency Operations Center: Awareness

This program is designed to provide management personnel in the private sector with the knowledge required to ensure continuity of operations in the event of...

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Evacuation Coordinator

Participants will learn the legal requirements for evacuation and in-place sheltering. They will also learn how to recognize emergency conditions, how to rep...

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Emergency Response Planning

This course focuses on the plans that facilities must prepare to protect their employees and the surrounding community from potential emergencies. Participan...

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Unified Command - Awareness Level

Participants who complete this course will understand how to implement the Incident Command System when multiple agencies respond to an emergency and more th...

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